I haven’t updated in a while, I’ve been so busy with crafting and reading books that I haven’t even thought of updating the site. I haven’t even done my reviews! I have about 17 reviews to do so I need to get on those. Right now my life is consumed with World of Warcraft though LOL. The new expansion Battle for Azeroth came out on Monday and I’ve been playing it nonstop when I’m not working or sleeping. I got my first level 120 character (my hunter) yesterday and I started leveling my priest as well. Jessica and I have been pvping (Player vs Player) since Tuesday and it is SO MUCH FUN. I love pvp again and being able to kill Alliance players is so satisfying.

We decided to go back to Horde this expansion, last expansion we played mainly Alliance and that was fun but I missed my Horde characters and I am a follower of Sylvanas forever so OF COURSE I had to go Horde this time. The zones to level in are so beautiful and there are so many dinosaurs to tame on my hunter that I may need to abandon some old pets at some point. Or level another hunter so I can tame more pets on it lol.

I’ve been working on cardigans for my cousins daughters and I’ll be making one for my little as well. So I have 4 to make. I’m almost done 2 of them, just need to sew sleeves on one and do the edging and sleeves on the 2nd one. I’m thinking about leaving the sleeves on all 4 of them until I can do them all at once. I need to watch a video for it so it might make it easier to do it all at once so I don’t forget the technique.

I’m going to be updating my WoW page to put in my addons and some more pictures and things. I might also put some guild info on there as well. I know people don’t really come to my site often, so the info would just be for me really which is fine.

OH I got a Cricut in July and I’ve been making SO many things with it. I’m in love with making vinyl creations and I also got leather to make earrings. I’ve gotten alot of blanks to put decals on and my little and I are thinking about doing a craft fair next year with things we make. We need to get stock built up for it though and that takes money which is why we’re going to be doing it next year. I tried to add the photos of what I’ve made so far but WordPress is putting them on the post and on a page I tried to make all funny. I’ve posted all my stuff on Instagram so if you’re curious you can check them out there 🙂

I also finished my Harry Potter blanket!!! It took me forever because it has been way to hot to work on it and I had to do border panels. When I finished it ith the border around the tunisian squares I realized I was going to have to make the panels because the top and bottom were curling a lot. Even after steam blocking they still curled. But now it’s all finished and ready to be shipped.

I think that’s all I’ve done in the past few months. I’ve been ordering way too much yarn lately and I have a craft retreat coming up in October so I’ll try to post what I make there. I’m also going to work on the book reviews once I get time and the game is settled down for me.

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