Book Review: Colonize: Volume One

Morgan is a Prepper…well the daughter of one. She wakes up to her dad sounding an alarm to get them to safety, except there’s no emergency – her dad just thinks there’s going to be one because some crackpot on the radio says so. She insists on going to school and in her haste to leave she grabs her bug-out bag instead of her actual backpack. Little did she know she would actually need it!

I love this book, I just wish this and the 2 following it were one book. It’s only something like 38 pages long. But it starts the characters off and leaves you at a cliff hanger so you want to start the second book asap.

Colonize: Volume One Book Cover Colonize: Volume One
S.G. Seabourne
April 1st 2018

Morgan grew up with a bug-out bag tucked under her pillow and a multi-tool in her lunch box, though she never bought into end of the world scenarios. At seventeen, she's just trying to keep the peace with her survivalist junkie father. When the man's not buying into every conspiracy theory ever written, he's prepping for society's collapse. 

Nothing could have prepared her or anyone for an alien abduction.

This is Volume One in the fast-paced sci-fi serial, Colonize.

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