Book Review: Colonize: Volume Two

In this installment we see what happens with the teenagers and where they’re sent to. You see the pecking order being established pretty quickly and who sticks with who and what not. Morgan is really the only one that sees that they’re going to have to learn to survive on the new planet and that they should be saving their resources and building stable houses for themselves in case there is a winter. No one really listens to her and they just keep partying (one of the teenagers of course figured out how to make moonshine). She does finally have to go in search of other life forms once her boyfriend gets injured and no one knows how to treat him.

Loved it and couldn’t wait for the 3rd book.

Colonize: Volume Two Book Cover Colonize: Volume Two
S.G. Seabourne
April 7th 2018

From the wreckage, a leader emerges.

Morgan grew up with a bug-out bag tucked under her pillow and a multi-tool in her lunch box, though she never bought into end of the world scenarios. At seventeen, she’s just trying to keep the peace with her survivalist junkie father. When the man’s not buying into every conspiracy theory ever written, he’s prepping for society’s collapse.
Nothing could have prepared her or anyone else in her high school for an alien abduction.
Taken aboard an alien spacecraft, Morgan and every other kid in her high school are dumped on an entirely new planet. No explanation, no field guide, and no rules.
And human beings aren’t the only new arrivals.
Morgan’s never been a team player, and she never imagined facing disaster with a bunch of confused, terrified teenagers. To live she’ll have to make allies—human and otherwise. 
Because Morgan has no intention of settling down and starting anew somewhere else. Whoever brought her here can bring her back.
But first, she must survive.​

This is Volume Two of the fast-paced Colonize science fiction YA series.

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