Yarn Stash

I keep my stash sorted on my Ravelry account but I wanted to list it here as well. I just exported the excel spreadsheet and uploaded it through a WordPress Plugin to get it to show up all nice ­čÖé There was A LOT more info on the spreadsheet than I thought was needed so I just got it down to these stats. Feel free to browse through my stash ­čÖé

BernatHandicrafter Holidays SparkleRed SparkleWorsted (9 wpi)80138126.24
BernatHandicrafter Holidays SparkleYuletide TwistsWorsted (9 wpi)80138126.24
BernatHandicrafter Holidays SparkleWhite SparkleWorsted (9 wpi)80138126.24
BernatPop!Lipstick on your collarAran (8 wpi)1402802565
BernatPop!Ebony and ivoryAran (8 wpi)1402802565
BernatPremiumBaby YellowAran (8 wpi)198359.83292
BernatPremium58506 PinkAran (8 wpi)198359.83291
BernatPremium58003 Dark grey heatherAran (8 wpi)198359.83292
BernatPremiumBaby BlueAran (8 wpi)198359.83292
BernatPremiumSoft Grey heatherAran (8 wpi)198359.83292
BernatSoftee Chunky Solids (New)28114 Faded denimSuper Bulky (5-6 wpi)100108.3991
BernatSoftee Chunky Solids (New)1211 True GraySuper Bulky (5-6 wpi)100108.3991
BernatSuper Value Solids (New)7421 BlackAran (8 wpi)197426389.51
CaronCakesFaerie cakeAran (8 wpi)200383350.22
CaronCakesCake PopAran (8 wpi)200383350.23
CaronOne Pound BabyWinterfreshAran (8 wpi)454812742.51
CaronOne Pound BabyCupid PinkAran (8 wpi)454812742.51
Cascade Yarns®220 Superwash®844 PeriwinkleWorsted (9 wpi)100220201.24.5
Cascade Yarns®220 Superwash®Pink Ice 836Worsted (9 wpi)100220201.21
Cascade Yarns®220 Superwash®White 871Worsted (9 wpi)100220201.21.5
Cascade Yarns®220 Superwash®Caribbean 847Worsted (9 wpi)100220201.22.5
Cascade Yarns®Pacific®48 BlackWorsted (9 wpi)100213194.84
Craft SmartValue SolidsNavyAran (8 wpi)198364332.85
Craft SmartValue SolidsWhiteAran (8 wpi)198364332.86
Craft SmartValue SolidsBlackAran (8 wpi)198364332.85
Knit PicksBrava BulkyCobblestone heatherBulky (7 wpi)100136124.41
Knit PicksBrava Sport25667 Cobblestone heatherSport (12 wpi)100273.42501
Knit PicksBrava Sport25670 Umber heatherSport (12 wpi)100273.42501
Knit PicksBrava Worsted26136 Lady slipperWorsted (9 wpi)100218.72002
Knit PicksBrava WorstedSilverWorsted (9 wpi)100218.72001.5
Knit PicksBrava Worsted25697 Cobblestone heatherWorsted (9 wpi)100218.720011
Knit PicksBrava WorstedMarinaWorsted (9 wpi)100218.72002
Knit PicksDishie MultinettleWorsted (9 wpi)100190173.71
Knit PicksDishie MultiHeat Wave MultiWorsted (9 wpi)100190173.71
Knit PicksDishie MultiThistle MultiWorsted (9 wpi)100190173.71
Knit PicksDishie MultiWaves MultiWorsted (9 wpi)100190173.71
Knit PicksDishie Solids25790 BegoniaWorsted (9 wpi)100190173.72
Knit PicksDishie Solids25788 KenaiWorsted (9 wpi)100190173.72
Knit PicksWool of the Andes Worsted Weight24275 fairy taleWorsted (9 wpi)50110100.68
Lion BrandHeartland Thick & Quick147 Hot SpringsSuper Bulky (5-6 wpi)142125114.35
Lion BrandHeartland Thick & QuickRedwoodSuper Bulky (5-6 wpi)142125114.35
Lion BrandPound of LoveHoneybeeWorsted (9 wpi)4481020932.71
Lion BrandPound of Love100 WhiteWorsted (9 wpi)4481020932.71
Lion BrandPound of LoveOxford greyWorsted (9 wpi)4481020932.71
Lion BrandScarfie209 Charcoal AquaBulky (7 wpi)150312285.32
Lion BrandScarfie212 Charcoal MagentaBulky (7 wpi)150312285.32
Lion BrandVanna's Choice Solids, Heathers & TwistsSilver heatherAran (8 wpi)100170155.42
Lion BrandVanna's Choice Solids, Heathers & Twists125 TaupeAran (8 wpi)100170155.43
Lion BrandVanna's Choice Solids, Heathers & TwistscranberryAran (8 wpi)100170155.41
Lion BrandVanna's Choice Solids, Heathers & TwistsSilver GreyAran (8 wpi)100170155.43
Lion BrandWool-Ease Thick & Quick SolidsCharcoalSuper Bulky (5-6 wpi)17010696.96
Loops & ThreadsFabulousMistletoeSuper Bulky (5-6 wpi)5023214
Loops & ThreadsImpeccable SolidsAranAran (8 wpi)128268245.12
Loops & ThreadsImpeccable Solidskelly greenAran (8 wpi)128268245.12
Loops & ThreadsImpeccable Solids1005 WhiteAran (8 wpi)128268245.13
Loops & ThreadsImpeccable Solids1223 GrassAran (8 wpi)128268245.12
Loops & ThreadsImpeccable Solids1221 Soft fernAran (8 wpi)128268245.12
Loops & ThreadsImpeccable SolidsRed HotAran (8 wpi)128268245.14
Loops & ThreadsImpeccable SolidsChocolateAran (8 wpi)128268245.11
Loops & ThreadsImpeccable SolidsHeatherAran (8 wpi)128268245.15
Loops & ThreadsImpeccable Solids1242 Deep forestAran (8 wpi)128268245.12
Loops & ThreadsImpeccable SolidsBright Sky BlueAran (8 wpi)128268245.12
Loops & ThreadsImpeccable Solids18920 Soft TaupeAran (8 wpi)128268245.12
Loops & ThreadsImpeccable Solids1630 PumpkinAran (8 wpi)128268245.13
Loops & ThreadsImpeccable SolidsGoldAran (8 wpi)128268245.11
Loops & ThreadsImpeccable SolidsSunny dayAran (8 wpi)128268245.16
Loops & ThreadsImpeccable SolidsLippyAran (8 wpi)128268245.12
Loops & ThreadsImpeccable Solids1404 Rich orchidAran (8 wpi)128268245.13
Loops & ThreadsImpeccable SolidsOrange crushAran (8 wpi)128268245.15
Loops & ThreadsImpeccable Solids1222 FernAran (8 wpi)128268245.13
Loops & ThreadsImpeccable Solids1243 ForestAran (8 wpi)128268245.12
Loops & ThreadsImpeccable SolidsTealAran (8 wpi)128268245.12
Loops & ThreadsImpeccable SolidsLavendarAran (8 wpi)128268245.16
Loops & ThreadsImpeccable SolidsAmethystAran (8 wpi)128268245.17
Loops & ThreadsImpeccable SolidsAran (8 wpi)128268245.1
Loops & ThreadsImpeccable Solids1532 ClaretAran (8 wpi)128268245.14
Loops & ThreadsImpeccable Solids1612 ButterscotchAran (8 wpi)128268245.13
Loops & ThreadsImpeccable SolidsTrue GreyAran (8 wpi)128268245.12
Loops & ThreadsImpeccable Solids1040 BlackAran (8 wpi)128268245.15
Patons North AmericaCanadiana Solids (New)Cherished pinkWorsted (9 wpi)100204.51871
Patons North AmericaCanadiana Solids (New)10005 WhiteWorsted (9 wpi)100205187.51
Premier YarnsCotton Fair SolidsSlate greySport (12 wpi)100317289.94
Premier YarnsCotton Fair Solids9 LavenderSport (12 wpi)100317289.91
Red HeartComfort Solids3135 RedAran (8 wpi)454867792.81
Red HeartComfort Solids3221 GreenAran (8 wpi)454867792.81
Red HeartShimmerTurquoiseWorsted (9 wpi)1002802561
Red HeartSoft Solids & HeathersGrape`Aran (8 wpi)141256234.15
Red HeartSoft Solids & Heathers4422 TangerineAran (8 wpi)141256234.13
Red HeartSoft Solids & HeathersDark leafAran (8 wpi)141256234.12.5
Red HeartSoft Solids & HeathersChocolateAran (8 wpi)141256234.11
Red HeartSoft Solids & Heathers1182 ToastAran (8 wpi)141256234.11
Red HeartSuper Saver Solids319 Cherry redAran (8 wpi)198364332.81
Red HeartSuper Saver SolidsRoyalAran (8 wpi)198364332.85
Red HeartSuper Saver Solids334 BuffAran (8 wpi)198364332.81
Red HeartSuper Saver Solids312 BlackAran (8 wpi)198364332.81
SpinriteTent Sale Soft WorstedDark GreenAran (8 wpi)100197180.16
SpinriteTent Sale Soft WorstedMy PrincessAran (8 wpi)100197180.112
SpinriteTent Sale Soft WorstedMy PrinceAran (8 wpi)100197180.112
SpinriteTent Sale Soft WorstedPixie purpleAran (8 wpi)100197180.112
SpinriteTent Sale Soft WorstedDouble AquaAran (8 wpi)100197180.112
SpinriteTent Sale Soft WorstedLagoonAran (8 wpi)100197180.112
SpinriteTent Sale Soft WorstedSoft BeigeAran (8 wpi)100197180.111.5
SpinriteTent Sale Soft WorstedLinenAran (8 wpi)100197180.112
SpinriteTent Sale Soft WorstedFernAran (8 wpi)100197180.15
SpinriteTent Sale Soft WorstedEmeraldAran (8 wpi)100197180.112
SpinriteTent Sale Soft WorstedForest FloorAran (8 wpi)100197180.116
SpinriteTent Sale Soft WorstedSoft FernAran (8 wpi)100197180.16
SpinriteTent Sale Soft WorstedDark ChocolateAran (8 wpi)100197180.118