I decided to make a page dedicated to my pets 🙂


We have 3 cats right now: Charlee, Daisy-Rose & Orlando. We used to have 6 cats at one time but we have had to put 3 of them down (Chester, Peter & Sebastian).


Chester had a spinal cord injury so he couldn’t use his back legs and his brain wasn’t telling him to pee so when we took him to the hospital they had to expel his bladder for him. We couldn’t have him living in that state so we had to put him down.



Peter was 17 1/2 and had kidney failure and after trying all the treatments to prolong his life we decided that it just wasn’t worth him running away from us every time we brought out his IV fluids or pills. We wanted to spend his last remaining months loving him and him loving us. He was active right up until the day he just couldn’t get up anymore. That was the hardest day for all of us.



Sebastian was a great kitty 🙂 He had so many problems though 🙁 He had to have most of his teeth removed due to gum disease and he almost died during the operation due to sensitivity to the anesthetic. He stayed over night in the hospital and almost died again before we could bring him home. He seemed to do alright for awhile and then his flea problem came back and he gained weight away (22lbs) and then when we took him in for shots it was found that he had even more teeth that needed to be removed. Well after him almost dying the last time we said no to surgery. That began the longest 3 years for that poor little guy. When we could afford it he got pain medication shots and antibiotics and we tried everything for his fleas. The only thing that eventually worked on the fleas was a flea collar. But by that point he was diabetic and had a mass in his belly(we didn’t know about the mass until later). We took him to the vet to see about getting him another pain medication shot and that’s when the vet found the mass and that he was diabetic. We decided that he could no longer live like this. So we spent 2 good weeks with him, giving him love and attention and then we took him to the vet to be put to sleep. It was a good thing we did, the mass had gotten a lot bigger int he 2 week period. And he didn’t fight the vet or the assistant at all that day, he was ready to go.


We got Daisy-Rose just before I went into grade 10, and she is a beauty! She’s picked my sister as her mom and sleeps on her pillow every night. My sisters rooms are her domain and for the longest time Charlee would chase her around the house trying to play with her, now it’s Max chasing her lol.


I got Charlee one day after seeing him at the pet store, he was 6 months old – or so they told me, and I just had to have him. He was the most gentle and loving cat I had ever met in my entire life. He wanted to be with me all the time, he followed me around the house every time I moved. He would sprawl out on my friends laps and want belly rubs, and they would all threaten to kidnap him and take him home 😛 Then one day when I had to take him to the hospital for a cut on his ear the vet there noticed his gums were very badly infected (this is also when we found out he was aged down at the pet store so he would get adopted, he’s probably around 8-10 years old at this point). We got him the surgery to remove his teeth and his personality changed 🙁 He no longer allows friends or strangers to pet him until he’s sniffed them out on his terms and he runs away from new people. The only people he allows to pick him up and touch him now is us. The day after his surgery he wouldn’t let me leave his side and I had to spoon him when I went to bed that night. I feel so bad that he no longer trusts humans that aren’t us, but I guess that’s the price that had to be paid for getting him healthy. He now needs to get another tooth removed and I need to save up for that surgery ($600-$800), I have to finish paying off my dental work first before I can get him his. He still sleeps on my desk and loves me giving him belly rubs and pets, and he kisses me all the time (his kisses are little love bites). He no longer chases Daisy around the house because he now knows what it feels like with Max chasing him everywhere 😛


Orlando was another rescue kitty that we got as a kitten from the SPCA. He totally chose us! I went into the room with all the kittens and he jumped on my leg and wouldn’t let go lol. So we had to bring him home 😛 He used to sleep on my pillow and play with me all the time but then my mom had her surgery for carpal tunnel and was home for 6 weeks for each surgery and he decided that she was his mom 🙂 He will sit with her while she watches tv and holds her hands with his paws. He’ll sit on the computer desk with her while she plays FarmVille, and he sleeps with her at night. He hates Max and will try to bully him any chance he gets but that’s just the pecking order of the house I guess. We have to trim his nails all the time because he likes to scratch. He also is starting to have teeth problems, and my mom has to save up the money to get them cleaned so we don’t run into issues like Charlee & Sebastian.



Max is our first and only dog 🙂 We got him the day after my 27th birthday and we love him soooo much. We almost gave up on him within the first few weeks though because I was not used to having to get up every few hours to take him to pee, and he wanted to play in the middle of the night ALL the time. With my condition it was so hard on me! I was very emotional and cried at the smallest things because I was just so damn tired. But when he got used to the bed time I had he started to settle down. We took him to the Pet Smart training sessions and I realized he was scared of other dogs so I researched and found a Puppy Socialization class that happened 4 times a week at the different Bosley’s pet stores and started to take him to them. He was very timid at first and he spent the first 3 classes sitting in the corner of the pen snapping at all the dogs that came to try and play with him, but he soon came out of his shell and wanted to play. He learned to get used to the bigger dogs first because that was all that there was at first, and then the little dogs started to come. He was the most out going dog I had ever seen and wanted to be friends with everyone! He’s now too old for the puppy classes but we get together with his best friend Ben whenever we can and we’re going on pack walks with other dogs from puppy class and some new dogs too. He chases Daisy & Charlee around the house whenever he sees them! Him and Charlee are kind of friends though, Charlee just sits there and lets him attack him until hes had enough and when we had to give Max cream for his hot spot on his face Charlee jumped up onto the bathroom counter, gave Max a lick and then sat beside him through the traumatic experience. He loves him but would never admit it to his cat buddies 😛


Over the years we’ve had many other pets! Mice, rats, rabbit, degus, fighting fish and ferrets. The ferrets were my faves 🙂 They were just like dogs in very small bodies. I let them run around my room all the time and in the bathroom as well. We couldn’t let them have the run of the house because Pooky (the oldest ferret) bit Orlando and was very territorial so we didn’t want any huge vet bills! We may get another fighting fish in the future, but we’ve had 2 and they both died…sooo maybe not?

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