I decided to make a page dedicated to my pets 🙂 


I got Charlee one day after seeing him at the pet store, he was 6 months old – or so they told me, and I just had to have him. He was the most gentle and loving cat I had ever met in my entire life. He wanted to be with me all the time, he followed me around the house every time I moved.  He still sleeps on my desk and loves me giving him belly rubs and pets, and he kisses me all the time (his kisses are little love bites).


Max is our first dog 🙂 We got him the day after my 27th birthday and we love him soooo much.  He is the most out going dog I had ever seen and wants to be friends with everyone.  We had him for 3 years before we go our other dog Wyatt.  He was upset at first but now they’re brothers. He’s part Yorkie and part Maltese.

Wyatt is our rescue dog that we got when Max was 3. When we first got him he didn’t act like a regular dog at all. It was like he never learned how. Now he plays with toys, plays with Max, goes for short walks, barks and helps Max investigate the yard and whenever there’s a noise outside lol. He’s a cuddle baby and loves skin scratches. He’s part Welsh Corgi and part Shih Tzu.

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