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Over the years I’ve done many changes to my website. I’ve offered free pixel goodies for visitors, free graphics for visitors, I’ve blogged, and at one time I had my own message board on my server. I still have all my pixel goodies but I’ve moved them over to my deviantART account so it wouldn’t take up space on my server and I took down all of the free graphics and layouts that I’d made for people to use. For the layouts, I didn’t code them very well so there was no point in offering them for use…and people use WordPress for their websites more now than basic HTML. My blog has gone more towards my crafting than my life and I actually like it that way. I post way too much of myself online and frankly no one wants to read about it πŸ˜›

I am very proud of my current layout, I coded it myself with the help of a blank WordPress template. It took me a few days to get the basic layout how I wanted it to look, and a lot of swearing at the computer, Carla can back me up on this πŸ˜›


Here you will find links to all the pages that have helped me create this website and make it what it is today :kiss:

  • Underscore – I used their blank WordPress Theme template to make this current theme.
  • CSS Tricks – I’ve learned a lot from this site and I love their snippets.
  • WP Beginner – Such an amazing site with great resources for WordPress users!
  • Hand Stitch Social Media Icons – Social media icons from here. Set has 110 icons and they scale to any size. Totally recommend these!
  • w3schools – I got the tutorial for making my social media icons transparent and then normal on hover from here. Love this site.

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