Work in Progress Wednesday

Wow I’m actually posting another one of these this month! I did another swap square, 2 baby hats and started another afghan this week. Guess what?! The afghan is for me!! I finally started one for myself…I haven’t made one for me in a year. The baby hats I did for a friend who just had a great grand-daughter…but turns out the hats are too small 🙁 I followed the pattern to the T and they are still too small. *sigh* oh well. They were cute anyways.

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Aren’t the little hats adorable?! Anyways, there is the first hexagon for my afghan done. I wanted to see how the colours I picked went together so I did one entirely and now I’m doing the rest in stages, like an assembly line. When I ordered the yarn the pink looked waaaaaay more purple in the picture but I think it looks alright. I’m hoping to work more on this over the Easter long weekend but we shall see. I have so many projects I want to work on this weekend so who knows what I’ll actually get done?

4 thoughts on “Work in Progress Wednesday

  1. That hexagon looks awesome. I’m always skeptical looking at photos of yarn online. If sites had a sample pack that just has a bit of each yarn I’d totally buy it (partly for colour and partly because I am ridiculously picky about texture/softness). Your afghan is going to look great!

    Just one thing…every time I look at the picture of the baby hats it looks like a crocheted bra…just sayin’ lol 😉

    1. LOL OMG IT TOTALLY DOES!!!! Oh that’s hilarious.

      Yeah I should have just bought 1 skein of it to test the colours but it was a new colour and they had limited quantities and I’d been waiting for 6 months for them >.> SOOO I just went with it lol.

  2. You’ve made me want to do another daisy blanket. But I’ll wait until yours is done & see if I still have the urge to. I’m not sure if it’s your colors causing the urge or the need to do something I did when Jeremy was still around.

    1. Could be both, you should think of a colour theme for it 🙂 It’s a nice blanket to make. This time around I know what mistakes I did before and I’m correcting them lol. I also now know how to do a slip stitch properly and how to attach yarn…I was kinda dumb before LOL

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