Book Review: Her Cocky Gangster

This book was complete nonsense. I only bought it (and it was $0!) because of the whole #cockygate thing going on in the author world right now and the author made a special note about it at the end of the synopsis on Amazon. It is terribly written and I didn’t even get halfway through the book before I gave up.

Spoiler -Her Cocky Gangster
She gets drunk at the bar and leaves with a guy who she then finds out is the one who helped kill her father….and she STILL goes home with him just because she wants sex. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. That is when I stopped reading it. Total stupidity.
Her Cocky Gangster: A Bad Boy Contemporary Romance Book Cover Her Cocky Gangster: A Bad Boy Contemporary Romance
Brenna Ryan
June 14, 2016

I can still smell her. I can still feel her body. How could I know she was the one I was sent to kill? Maybe this time I can bring myself to do the job?
Carly Weston has finally stopped running.

It was almost 2 years ago that she saw his face.
Anton Valitori, the mythical crime boss.

His power and influence goes far, and Carly has managed to elude him until now.

Even with his best man, Vincent Italo, after her all this time.
How is that possible?
Vincent never misses his mark. On the job, or in the sack.
The wake of bodies behind Vincent reaches high.

How could a girl like Carly escape him for so long.

It’s all over now though. She’s in his sights.

All he needs to do is pull the trigger.

Her Cocky Gangster is a USA Today bestselling steamy suspense story full of hard criminals and hard bodies. It contains language and scenes that are for mature audiences only. This book is a stand-alone with a HEA.

Note from the author: This book is not affiliated with Faleena Hopkins or her Cocker Brothers of Atlanta series. This book predates all the #cockygate nonsense.

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