Book Review: Fate Bound

I enjoyed this book but the entire storyline felt rushed to me, the author didn’t take the time to really iron out the characters at all and I didn’t feel the connection to them that I’ve felt with other books. It was like the author was trying to pack as much in as possible into the first book to keep people reading it but it was just a bit confusing at times.

I liked the idea of the plot, and having brothers be enemies and different species was very interesting but again it felt forced and rushed. I hope the next book isn’t like this but I’m not even sure I want to read it.

Fate Bound Book Cover Fate Bound
Madeline Freeman
Young Adult Fiction
Laurealinde Publishing LLC
June 6, 2016

A werewolf's first instinct is to protect those weaker than himself. But Jack chose to protect the wrong girl. After a brutal encounter, Ava awakes to a new life of heightened senses and supernatural speed. But she isn't like other werewolves, and her special qualities put her--and her new family--in unimaginable danger. Her very existence threatens a precarious balance--one that can only be set right by her death.

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