Book Review: Missing (Mason Black #1)

I had to struggle to read this book. The Private Investigator as the lead in the book was strong but it wasn’t realistic to me that the cops would let him run the investigation completely – even if he is a former cop.

Spoiler - Missing
We don’t really get to know why the killer is abducting kids and cutting off their fingers and killing them except that he had his own finger cut off as a child. Having the killer keep the twins for money made no sense to his previous M.O and his interactions with the boy after the girl escapes is just weird. Why would he want to get the boy to kill and maim the next victims? And they were adults, not just kids. It’s just all backwards to me.

When they raid his house and find all his computer equipment and things it just doesn’t add up to the killer we’ve been reading about. He doesn’t come off as educated enough to look up backgrounds on the P.I and his family. It just makes no sense!!

The ending was sub-par. I didn’t like how they kept the killer to torture and ended it like that. Nothing in the characters development pointed to that being the outcome at all or that his personality would even match up to that.

Missing Book Cover Missing
Adam Nicholls
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
February 12, 2018

The clock is ticking. They're still missing.

After handing in his detective badge, Mason Black now lives a stable life as a private investigator. But when the bodies of two children are discovered with messages written in blood, the pattern of a familiar killer emerges.

Now, the Carter twins are missing, and only Mason can help. With his unique knowledge of the killer, he has an advantage over the San Francisco Police Department. While his marriage falls apart, he must choose between repairing his life or opening doors that were meant to stay closed. There's just one problem; neither solution will restore his faith in humanity.

The Lullaby Killer is on the hunt, and Mason Black is always a step behind. As the trail reveals shocking secrets and surprising twists, you'll be holding your breath for the entirety of this gut-wrenching detective thriller.

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