Book Review: Beginning: Prequel Novella

I love crime novels. I think it stems from my love of crime tv shows to be perfectly honest. So when I see a crime romance novel I try to read it. This book was kind of slow and the romance parts were iffy. I liked the characters but felt like the romance was forced. The first chapter of the book I was already skeptical of reading it because it starts off with the heroine in a dress that doesn’t fit her even though she goes to functions like this a lot with her boss. Why would you not have a dress for a type of event you attend quiet often? It just made no sense to me. The hero is a known playboy around the office and she keeps reminding us of that fact. The ending to this book left me wanting more explanation but we never get it. I don’t know if I would recommend anyone to this series.

Beginning: Prequel Novella Book Cover Beginning: Prequel Novella
PAVAD: FBI - Prevention & Analysis of Violent Acts Division
Calle J. Brookes
Romance, Romance > Romantic Suspense, Suspense, Romance > Contemporary Romance, Fiction
Lost River Lit Publishing, LLC
January 23rd 2015

Agent Jasmine Len was more than just the assistant to the deputy director, she was his right hand woman. No one knew more about the new division of the FBI she and the director were creating.

That knowledge made her more than just an assistant--it made her the next target…and only one man can protect her now.

Agent Dakon Royal was fiercely loyal to the deputy director, and he'd do anything to keep the director--and the director's beautiful, intriguing, and maddening personal assistant--safe from the traitor in the division's midst.

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