Book Review: Falling for A Wolf: Part #1

I’m going to try and review every book I read this year…here’s hoping I stick to it!! Here’s my first review 🙂 (Also hoping I get better at reviews LOL)

Falling For A Wolf: Part 1 Book Cover Falling For A Wolf: Part 1
Mac Flynn
Mac Publishing
January 15, 2015

I got this book free from Amazon and I'm really glad I didn't pay for this book.

This book is terrible...the writing is very highschoolish and there's several things I don't like about it.

"Then this happened, then that happened, etc etc"

- Butt-face....seriously. Also fat shaming the person being called Butt-face, again highschoolish.
- Too many details that aren't needed.
- You buy a house without even LOOKING at it?! WHO DOES THIS.
- Everyone knows your name in the new town you live in...uh yeah that doesn't happen.
- You don't even check if the place that is in the middle of no where has an internet connection - you know the thing you need to do your job?! It's the entire reason you wanted to move in the first place, so you could tele-conference in. But nope let's not check that.
- You get a weird vibe from the neighbor but you still agree to cook him food in exchange for him doing repairs on your house...

The heroin of this story comes off as childish and dumb. I will not be continuing this series at all.

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