Happy Monday!

I’ve been working on a few more things on the site over the weekend, I got my yarn stash uploaded and you can see the link under the projects in the header. I found a nice plugin that lets you import excel spreadsheets (either manually or auto) and I just downloaded what I had on Ravelry and it did all the work for me 🙂 I’m going to be adding pictures to show off where I store my yarn but I need to organize it again since Boxing Day sales I bought a lot more yarn LOL. I need to buy more tubs or a shelving system or something!

I really like this unit from IKEA but we don’t have one on the island so I’d have to either order it or go over to the mainland for it. I really really wanted this one from Amazon but I’m not entirely sure I like the idea of doors? I love the stacking idea and that I could put them however I wanted in my room but I’m not 100% sold on the idea yet.

Over the weekend I actually played a lot of WoW and got some things accomplished in the game. I got my hunter and mage their class mounts and I finished the falcasours quest lines so I gogt those 4 mounts. I’m going to try to get the Lucid Nightmare mount tonight but we’ll see if that happens. I need to add my characters and things to the site somewhere which I will do. I’ve done a few posts before about addons and things I use but I’ve changed A LOT over the last 2 years so I need to update those too.

I’m trying to get this addon (website) to work to post my Instagram pics to the blog feed but it’s not working 🙁 I can get the Facebook/Instagram part working just fine but it won’t connect to the blog no matter what I do. I’m getting really frustrated with it so I will probably just give up. I might add pages with certain feeds like my 365 crafting hastags or something. Maybe.

2 thoughts on “Happy Monday!

  1. Have you looked at WalMart? They have a better Homes & Garden line with something similar to the Ikea one you want but smaller. I know you need one that basically covers one of your walls but it’s an option – maybe cheaper?

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