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I decided I’m going to try and blog again. I haven’t done anything to this site since 2016 and I want to change that. I’m hoping to get an Instagram plugin to auto post my photos to blog posts to keep up with my 365 crafting challenge. I tried to do the 365 last year and I got 6 months into it when I failed lol. Hopefully using Instagram it’ll keep me more motivated to keep it going. I have several projects in the works right now plus a bunch on my to-do list. I’m considering putting my yarn stash on here, but I need to get photos of all the yarns, which will take me awhile.

What I’m currently working on: You can see in my Ravelry widget at the bottom of the page that I have 5 current projects. This doesn’t include the 8 projects I’ve put into hibernation on Ravelry too lol.

– I’m making the Storm trooper blanket for a charity auction for a school up island and I’m hoping to get all the squares done by the end of January so I can start putting them together at the craft retreat in February.

– Funny Bunny is my first ever graphgan project and it’s for my friends baby 🙂 I’m so excited to see it finished though it is in the “time out” pile right now because I found a mistake I did and had to frog 11 rows 🙁 Good thing babies need blankets for a long time so it’s ok that this is late.

– Diamond Geezer-ghan I’m making for my dad, I just have to put the 8 squares together with the main square and work on the border and I’ll be done. I was hoping to have it done my Christmas but that didn’t work out so hopefully by his birthday I will have it done. It’s my 3rd Helen Shrimpton pattern and I love her designs so much.

– Rosslyn is made with a kit I purchased online, and I love it so far. It’s also a Helen Shrimpton design. I’m hoping to get this done for my moms’ birthday so here’s to hoping I can get it done by then.

– Sophie, I’m part of a Facebook group called Knotty House Insiders, it’s for the CAL that we all decided to do. I’m super far behind because of Christmas gifts needing to be finished and now the Storm trooper needing to be worked on. I’m going to try to get some more parts done this weekend if I can though.

Hopefully I can update more often than I did before, but we shall see!!

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