Work in Progress Wednesday

Last week I didn’t post anything because I forgot XD I did work on stuff last week though! Well…one thing lol. I started and finished a coffee mug sleeve. I decided to make them for my Christmas gift exchange this year and I wanted to test knit one because the pattern uses a new cast on and cast off method that I’ve never done before. It took me a few hours to get the cast on, and I ended up using Hev’s video that she tweeted to me. I had been trying this other video that was so hard for me that I was considering giving up on the pattern and just making a button hole at the end with a seed stitch border. I finally got the project casted on and I did the first pattern repeat before heading to bed that night.

Cable Me Cozy

I then started to work on the repeats over the next 2 days. I used worsted weight yarn instead of bulky like the pattern calls for so I decided to do an extra repeat of the pattern so that it would fit around a mug. I shouldn’t have done that, it ends up slipping off all mugs that I put it on now, but like I said before this was a test project.

2015-01-18 18.36.27

The cast off was equally as hard as the cast on for me, I had dropped 3 stitches during the grafting so that took me a good 30 minutes to fix and I was still missing one stitch that I finally figured out was the tail end of the yarn that had come undone during the first row so I just improvised. I used the The Kitchener Stitch – Grafting your Knitting video to help me cast off and it was really easy to do. I just had to pay very close attention to which stitch I was on and which needle. The ends didn’t quite match up but I think it was a combination of losing that one stitch and having to salvage 3 other stitches during replacing the stitches on a needle.

2015-01-18 20.18.06

I was proud that I got this project finished, a little disappointed that it didn’t fit around the mug snugly but that’s what test projects are all about right?

2015-01-18 20.19.32

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