Work in Progress Wednesday

So I’ve only been working on my sisters blanket this week since it needs to be done by February 10. I still have to do 6 rounds on 11 squares…I hope I can get it done in time. The square going by the pattern works out to be a 9 inch square. I need them to me 12 inches so I added 4 rounds on, 1 single chain round and 3 double crochet rounds. It makes it a little over 12 inches but that’s totally fine with me. The picture on the left is the 9 inch square before I added the extra rows and the one on the right is after the rows have been added 🙂

2014-06-14 20.50.54 2015-01-14 10.33.33

And here is what I’ve gotten done so far:

2015-01-14 10.34.44

I have my work cut out for me that’s for sure. if I can get the 3 rounds of black done on the squares this week then I should be able to finish the last 3 rounds pretty quickly since they’re just double crochet. Then I’ll be doing a single chain join and I have no idea what kind of border to do…maybe just a double crochet border?

2 thoughts on “Work in Progress Wednesday

  1. Looks better with the extra rounds anyway. I have done barely anything…and can’t decide on a second project lol. So instead I will cheer you on… Go Grace Go! 🙂

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