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This post is about my World of Warcraft characters. I love playing World of Warcraft, I took a 2 year break from it and getting back into it has been so much fun for me. During the Pandaria expansion I was so burnt out with doing daily quests (quests that repeat – you guess it – daily) just to get reputation with all the factions and earn tokens for gear that it wasn’t fun for me anymore. I wasn’t raiding (gave that up during Cataclysm expansion because of drama) and spending 1-2 hours a day just doing daily quests was so boring. I also never leveled my other characters to 90 because the zones were boring to me. I did get my Priest to 89 but that was the closest one to my Mage.

My Mage has always been my favourite and the one I do everything on. In past expansions I’ve played my Paladin and Priest for healing or tanking, whichever was needing for the raiding guild I was in. It caused me to resent a lot of people in my guilds because they got to play the characters they wanted, where I always got asked to do something different. Not that I was a bad Mage, I always had good DPS but I was also a good healer and tank. Not to toot my own horn but I can play any class and do well in it…as really anyone should be able to do. As long as you do the research, learn the rotations and pay attention you can play any class in this game well. The only good part about being a healer or tank – automatic que times for Looking For Group (LFG). Oh and a guaranteed raid spot in guilds. Everyone wants to play DPS, no one wants to do the tough jobs, because when a raid or dungeon group wipes on a boss – it’s always either the tank or the healers fault.

Character List

Here is a list of my characters that I have on the server Madoran. I have 1 or 2 characters on Blackwater Raiders but I never play them. I should delete them but I can’t bring myself to delete a level 80.

Nahera – Mage
Zallis – Hunter
Darelina – Paladin
Eldunari – Priest
Keidra – Druid
MΓ€yrse – Warlock
Gracyee – Shaman
Sttabetha – Rogue
Ishtta – Warrior (on another account that I did Recruit a Friend with and is inactive)

Talda – Death Knight
Teylla – Hunter

Onto my active characters!


I love my mage so much. She’s the first character I’ve ever created and I stuck with her throughout all the expansions, she was always the one I leveled first. I also do all of my achievements on her. I used to collect mounts and pets only on her but since the creation of account wide items I’ve been able to do that on all my characters and not worry about it. Same with some raiding achievements, I’ll have to do them on my Priest or Death Knight when I need to. I’ve transmogrified her gear and I absolutely love it. Took me forever to collect the pieces I needed for this set – I tried farming the dungeons and zones for them but ultimately had to buy them off the auction house…for a lot of gold. I love that her staff looks like a key! I got her from level 90 to 100 in a week, doing 2 levels per day after work – I had no life basically for the first week back into this game.

Screenshot 2015-08-22 22.08.24 Screenshot 2015-08-23 21.51.33


Zallis is my Hunter that I leveled back in Lich King expansion. I had created her during Burning Crusade but never really leveled her past 40 or so because I got bored. I leveled with a friend who was around the same level and we got to 80 together then I just parked her and played my Mage. I leveled her after a few other characters (which I’ll go into shortly) so playing the same areas was kinda boring but I did do a lot of PVP (Player vs Player) with her. I’m trying to get her to be my second level 100 and she’s at level 94 right now. She’s Beast Mastery because I love playing with the pets, currently I have a Rhino pet active for leveling so it can tank everything for me, but I have a Ravenger and a Fox pet as well. I really want to get a Direhorn pet but I need to get to level 100 to be able to farm the Elites for the item needed to learn that skill easily. I will die in 2 seconds if I take her out there now.

Screenshot 2015-08-24 21.20.36 Screenshot 2015-08-24 21.20.45


I just recently made her this past weekend, along with my Alliance Hunter Teylla. I leveled her from 55 (which all Death Knights start at) to 60 and then used the free boost that I got from the newest expansion to get her to level 90. I wanted to have an Alliance character to see what it was like from the other side leveling in the new zones and also to help out Hev when she needs it πŸ˜€ I also wanted the achievement for having a level 100 of both factions lol. She’s been really fun to play and I love that I don’t die fighting elites the same level as her! My mage would die in 2 seconds flat against an elite her level without help (cloth wearing characters are so squishy!). I joined a guild that’s really nice and we talk on Team Speak when we play. I haven’t been able to find a guild I like on Horde side yet that has active players, which sucks because I like chatting with people while I play.


That’s it for my active players right now, except for a level 17 hunter but you don’t need to see her until she’s high level – which means I’ve kept her and not deleted her LOL. I’ve done that so often with low level characters – just last week I deleted my level 61 Panda Monk because I was bored with her. I’ve deleted a level 80 Death Knight before and a few other level 60 and below characters. You only get 11 spots on a server and 1 spot is taken over by my bank character that has access to a guild bank that I set up. I get so many crafting materials and other items that I want to keep so it just makes sense to have a bank alt. Also all of the bind to account items you can’t destroy because you need them for other characters go to my bank alt for storage. I was debating changing it over to my shaman but I’m not sure I’m going to keep her.

My next post will be able my Addons that I use for the game. I use a TON.

2 thoughts on “World of Warcraft – My Characters

  1. Yes, Hev loves the fact that you are so helpful. I love running low level (my level) dungeons with you & Jessica. I feel bad cause you all do the work & I don’t, but when you have low levels & I am high, I’ll run you through.

    I have one mage & I just have issues with her, but I still play her. I just like the hunters the best. I can start a fight, stay outside the fight with my ranged weapons & let my pet help do the killing. My two highest are hunters, but I am leveling a druid & mage up. I just haven’t played death knight or warrior yet.

    Thanks for this. I may make on of these too.

  2. It makes my heart feel weird when I see people playing Death Knights. They are the best – especially when they go all frost. I should do a post about my characters. Especially since the warlock has a story to some degree. πŸ˜€

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